The Bible and The Shield - "Blessed are the peacemakers..." Matt.5:9
About Us
Gene Hall is a retired detective with some 30 years as a police officer. He understands the needs of officers and their families to know and have a personal relationship with Christ.  He has been a lay pastor, Deacon, Bible Study teacher / leader for over 25 years and has been actively involved in a ministry to law enforcement officers since 2008 as God has directed.  Gene was the Sr. Chaplain with Palm Springs (FL) Police Department for 3 years.. He is endorsed by the North American Mission Board as a Law Enforcement Chaplain; and a member of the American Police Chaplain's Association; previously with Fellowship of Christian Police Officers (South Florida Chapter Director). He is currently the Chaplain with Nye County NV. Sheriff's Office.
Gene uses The Bible and The Shield ministry as a way to present to Christians a message about the law enforcement officers job, the problems they encounter and the need for a relationship with Christ to survive their encounters.
We also provide, as needed, a ministry to law enforcement officers, bible studies and fellowship, as the Lord leads.
Gene is available to give presentations to churches, men's groups, law enforcement groups, etc.
Please see "Gene's Page(s)" for current updated thoughts, encouragement, and prayer requests.

Gene can be contacted at:
 REMEMBER:  Please let me know of any prayer requests so I can be in prayer.
Fellowship of Christian Police Officers
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